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Blizzard 2013


Suffield Academy blizzard Nemo 2013


Voronoi Grasshopper Definition

Untitled Project 2 Untitled Project 4


Worked through the Voronoi  Grasshopper definition tutorial … now the fun begins .

Working on Some Furniture Designs

credenza3  First successful Grasshopper definition with variables and attractors … once defined it can be applied to any surface … Very Cool.



Scroll Saw



Second half of the day spent working with metal. The metal cutting blades for the scroll saw finally arrived … after slowing down the speed on the saw; they actually cut the 20 gauge steel without breaking. The Silhouette Cameo is becoming my new favorite tool … used it today to cut a new template for the curved side parts.

Display Cabinet


I started the commission for the library display cabinet today … it’s been awhile, good to make some dust.

display case    IMG_20121209_074159_614

Update: 12/22/2012

Next … Finish


Finished reality looks very similar to the virtual computer generated rendering.


Using the Silhouette to create a form with articulated parts … interlocking shape creates a hinge.  The perforated fold lines allow for greater variations in the final form.

Serial Slicing – Grasshopper to Silhouette Cameo

First serial slice using the FancyWires script in Rino 5 and Silhouette Cameo. Working out some scaling issues and heaver card stock would definitely improve the end result.

First Attempt with Porcelain


First attempt … not a perfect cast but I like the decay.

“There can be no fear of losing what was once planned and there must be an urge to grow along with the discovery of the unknown…make no demands, expect nothing, follow no absolute plan, be secure in change, learn to accept another solution and, finally, prefer to gamble on your own intuition.” (Soldner, 1973)

Revisiting the Use of Ceramics

After being introduced to Paul Soldner last fall, I started to explore the possibilities of incorporating ceramics into my work. I find it interesting that both ceramics and forging use fire in the process. Using the mold making process to replicate the digitally fabricated form of the spikes, Andy and I are experimenting with some slipcasting techniques.

Judging from our previous experiments of firing the metal and clay together, It would be interesting to explore the possibilities of creating some molds that would allow me to casting the metal forms into the clay before the firing.